VRS Media Rubrikenportal, vrs.AdMarkets - auf allen Endgeraeten darstellbar
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All you classified ad markets online!

With the classified ad portals – vrs.AdMarket Classified & vrs.AdMarket Basic – from VRS Media, you get modern, clearly structured, and customized portal for your classified ad markets. These portals distinguish themselves from the usual market solutions by the following aspects:

The White Label Portal solution adapts individually to the corporate design and the needs of your publishing house without co-branding. According to our experience, the implementation is complete within six weeks.

VRS Media takes care of the evaluation of the raw text for the later full text search, places the ads in the portal and links them with the appropriate category, subcategory and issue.

Furthermore, VRS Media takes care of the maintenance, the hosting, the data backup and the technical support. The portal is under constant development both technically and content wise.

The Application runs in Responsive Design and thereby on all user devices including smart phones – that way you reach 100% of your readers!

Navigation and use are very easy for both advertisers and also for the publishing house employees.

The VRS classified ad portal offers you a back office where you can perform actualization/ configuration yourself.
Moreover, it corresponds closely with the VRS ad configurator, which is also reflected in the common back office.

VRS Media constantly develops the portal technically and content wise and provides these with new features. All feature updates are installed on the portals of the publishing partners after appropriate notification.
New, additional modules and, as the circumstances require, new portal versions will be offered at only their adaptation cost – the development costs for this are already included in the monthly license and service charges.

Through the online extension, lost print markets are brought back to life and proportionally returned and saved for the future.