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Successful photo competition

The photo competition on the wedding portal of the Weser Kurier newspaper was a full success. 56 couples submitted their photo entries for the “Most Original Wedding Photo 2014,” hoping to win one of three attractive main prizes.

First place enticed contestants with a wellness packet worth 600 euros. But newlyweds were not the only ones excited about the competition. Sponsors and photographers alike were pleased with the additional attention and encouraged brides and grooms to participate.

The opportunity to vote on the pictures every day was ambitiously pursued. A total of 31,960 votes were placed. The competition was shared to Facebook 170 times and as a result, 43% of the access came via Facebook. The wedding portal logged over 233,000 page views during the four weeks of the competition.

So now, all our publishing house customers have the opportunity to bring more life to their theme portal and see their access numbers increase! Upon request, we can load the competition free of charge for our customers and adapt CSS, images and text to the publishing house design.