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Congratulations Website

Let your readers celebrate online!

Offer your customers a virtual party room! The “Congratulations” theme revolves around every conceivable anniversary, birthday, company party and graduation that can be celebrated. The Congratulations pages can be custom designed with personal texts, a stylish layout, as well as photos or videos.

For you as a publisher, the congratulations portal offers a wide range of new turnover possibilities made easy by the VRS Media Ad Configurator and integrated business directories.

Additionally, the congratulations pages can be made to renew at a premium in the form of a “Freemium” offer so that the user can delight in the pleasure of more features and free gifts.

The white label portal solution adapts itself individually to the corporate design and the wishes of its publishing house without co-branding. The implementation is complete within six weeks based on previous experience.

The services of VRS Media include: implementation, daily data import, manual end control of all user entries, parsing and data enhancement, end customer support, hosting, maintenance, marketing and business support, best practice workshops, as well as the continual development of all products!