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Family Announcement Website

A supplement for your bereavement market

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or Valentine’s Day, in the family announcement portal, all these joyous categories are considered online. This includes individual congratulations pages, business directory, as well as advice and content areas.

This form of online advertisement extension, with its celebration pages, business directories and advice areas, serves as a suitable platform for special ad campaigns such as Mother’s Day, graduation day, love messages, etc. By incorporating our ad submission system additional print ads can be generated. You offer your advertising customers prominent representation in the business directory, plus further marketing opportunities like banner entries and advertorials.

If a newspaper publishing house wants to position itself as the “#1 Regional Contact Point,” it has to accompany its readers from “the cradle to the grave” and win them over with quality. Likewise, the advertising customers need to be brought on board to secure their print sales in the advertising markets for the long-term and to generate additional income in every market.

The white-label portal solution can be adapted individually to the corporate design and the wishes of the newspaper publisher without co-branding. Based on previous experience, the implementation is complete within six weeks. The services of VRS Media include: implementation, daily data import, manual end control of user entries, parsing and data enhancement, end customer support, hosting, maintenance, marketing and business support, best practice workshops, as well as the continual development of all products!