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Wedding Website

The brides and grooms are waiting!

Launch your own wedding portal! As a daily newspaper, you can use your regional anchoring and proximity to readers and advertising partners to secure the market for wedding announcements in the long term and obtain additional revenue. Offer regional service providers attractive cross-media packages. Accompany and support brides and grooms as a “local problem-solver”, from planning to remembering the most beautiful day of their life.

In addition to the sector business directory, with your regional theme portal you have more possibilities to offer your advertising customers banners, special advertising spaces, advertorials and links to articles with various advertising content. In combination, for example with your print advertising offers, you present attractive cross-media and combination packages.

If a newspaper publishing house wants to position itself as the local source for solutions and the “#1 Regional Contact Point,” it has to accompany its readers from “the cradle to the grave” and win them over with quality. Likewise, the advertising customers need to be brought on board to secure their print sales in the advertising markets for the long-term and to generate additional income in every market.

The white label portal solution adapts itself individually to the corporate design and the wishes of its publishing house without co-branding. The implementation is complete within six weeks based on previous experience. The services of VRS Media include: implementation, daily data import, manual end control of all user entries, parsing and data enhancement, end customer support, hosting, maintenance, marketing and business support, best practice workshops, as well as the continual development of all products!